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From the highly-acclaimed novel August Magic by Veronica Anne Starbuck,
Windigo Harbor Media proudly presents . . .

Magic the plush basenji

"The small dog sat quietly by himself in a cage at the end of a row.  He was obviously a purebred, for his features and manner were regal and poised.  His finely sculpted face held a multitude of wrinkles at his brow, giving him an intelligent but worried look.

Reddish brown in color, his coat was short and neat, with snowy-white markings on his face, neck and chest, and on each of his feet.  He had velvety, hooded prick-ears that stood straight up at attention.  Transparent whiskers moved forward with great precision as he carefully sniffed the air.  His eyes were dark, exotic-Egyptian, rimmed with smoky black, as if someone had used eyeliner on him."

- Excerpt from August Magic by V. A. Starbuck

Introducing Magic, the plush basenji, from Veronica Anne Starbuck's beloved novel August Magic.  He's a sweet, cuddly basenji just begging for a big hug!

Standing proudly at about 12 inches tall, Magic is covered with ultra-soft velour plush.  His glossy dark eyes gaze adoringly at you, and his wrinkled brow gives him a tender look you're sure to love.

From his wonderful wrinkles to the white tip of his curled tail, you'll appreciate the attention to detail and care we've taken in creating this lovely plush basenji.  Magic is manufactured by a commercial toy manufacturer, and he conforms to all applicable safety standards.

Magic is the perfect basenji companion for kids* and adults; his size makes him ultra-portable and perfect for snuggling. 

*As with most plush toys, Magic is not recommended for children under three years of age.

Unlike a real basenji, Magic can easily be kept safely off-leash wherever he may go.  And, because he's so well-behaved, he will not steal socks,  shred tissues or chew on other stuffed animals.

Quiet and sweet, he's guaranteed barkless and 100% loveable!

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